Gender Identity Discrimination

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Gender identity discrimination is illegal in New York.  Gender identity is an individual’s own sense of their gender or sex, regardless of what sex they were assigned as birth.  Gender identity includes male, female, neither, both, or transgender.  Gender identity is similar, but different from sexual orientation which is the gender or genders that a person is sexually attracted to. Many employees are subjected to unequal treatment or hostile behavior based on gender identity.

Laws Prohibiting Gender Identity Discrimination

The New York City Commission on Human Rights has enacted protections relating to gender identity expression in the workplace.  This includes mistreating someone based on his or her actual or perceived gender. The NYC Human Rights Law protections includes transgender status, gender identity, and gender-based expression.

The Transgender Rights Bill in New York City was passed to provide protections for transgender individuals against discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity. This includes unfair treatment or harassment based on prejudices against the person’s actual or perceived gender.  Examples of illegal gender-based harassment includes refusing to use a person’s preferred name, or not allowing a person to access same-sex bathrooms that conforms to his or her gender identity.

Your Rights in New York City for Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Transgender Woman’s Case in Supreme Court to determine federal protection for transgender discrimination under Title VII

We are certainly rooting for protections for gender identity to be extended under Title VII!  Watch Video

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