Workplace Retaliation

Workplace Retaliation Attorneys in New York

It is an unfortunate reality that you may fear retaliation from your supervisor or employer if you choose to speak out about discrimination experienced in the workplace. This retaliation can come in many forms, including evaluations citing poor performance all the way up to termination of your employment. If you have reported unfair treatment in the workplace and experienced negative consequences as a result, we want to hear from you. You should not have to choose between your livelihood and working in an environment that threatens your sense of safety. We will protect your right to maintain your job in a place free of harassment and retaliation.

As an employee, you have the right to report incidences of discrimination or other serious violations in the workplace. Such issues that should be reported include:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • LGBTQ Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Wage and Hour Disputes
  • FMLA Violations
  • Safety Violations

If you believe that valid complaints made to your employer resulted in unfair treatment, you may have reason to pursue legal action. We will listen to your story and determine what the next steps should be. By doing so, you will be standing up not only for yourself, but also for others who suffered similar mistreatment and were too intimidated by retaliation to take action. Employers often rely on retaliation as a method to curb other employees from reporting their own claims of harassment; by taking action, you have the potential to put an end to a harmful and unethical cycle of events.

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