Criminal Record Discrimination

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For the millions of Americans with a criminal record, the prospect of finding employment can be a daunting, frustrating task. With as many as 92% of employers running criminal background checks on potential new hires, there is the threat of chronic unemployment resulting from past history. Discrimination based on criminal record is against the law. Fortunately, The Law Offices of Vincent P. White will help protect the rights of New Yorkers who face criminal record discrimination.

Discrimination Based on Background Checks

An employer cannot use your criminal record against you if the work is unrelated to the offense. For example, if you were arrested for fighting at age 16 and are applying for a job as a physical therapist, the job is considered unrelated to the crime. Therefore, the employer cannot use your criminal record as a reason not to hire you.

It is legal, however, for a potential employer to not hire an employee if the crime is related to the nature of the work. If you were arrested for embezzlement and are applying for a job in the securities industry, your criminal record is relevant. In cases such as these, it is lawful for the employer to refuse to hire you based on your criminal record.

If you believe that an employer did not hire you or prevented you from advancing in your career based on an unrelated crime in your past, you may be a victim of criminal record job discrimination. Our attorneys can help you determine your case and take aggressive action to protect your rights.

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