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Vocation Should Not Be Determined by Gender

Many industries have a stereotype that helps determine which gender they attract; for example, women typically become teachers while men are more likely to become truck drivers. However, gender stereotypes should not determine whether a competent and qualified job applicant is hired for a position. Additionally, there are also industries that push men or women towards certain jobs based on their sex. Not allowing someone to work because of being male or female is gender discrimination and no one should have to tolerate it.

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Women are particularly vulnerable to deeply ingrained gender stereotypes that affect employment status. A woman may be unable to get hired, be unfairly terminated from her position or face limited upward mobility due to her gender. But women are not the only ones to suffer from gender or sex discrimination. As women make greater strides in the workplace, more men are suffering from the same bias women have endured for years. To not hire or promote someone based on their gender, or to pay a person differently based on being male or female, is illegal. Both genders have the right to fight gender discrimination.

If you feel you have been treated differently or denied your rights based on your gender, come in and tell us your story. We can help you determine the depth of your case based on our thorough understanding of the law. You do not have to tolerate discrimination, and together we can devise a plan to move forward.

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You should be able to report gender-related discriminatory behavior to your human resources department or other appropriate authority. Retaliation for doing so is illegal and can take the form of harassment, a sudden negative shift in performance reviews or disciplinary action.

According to the Federal statute of limitations, a discrimination case must be filed within 300 days of the adverse action. If two occurrences of discrimination happen in a short time frame, such as one week your boss objects to you because of your sex and the next week you are fired because of your sex, you must file within 300 days of the first instance in order for both to be considered. If you case is older than 300 days, you can still file in state court if it is within three years since you experienced the discrimination or retaliation.

Filing as soon as possible is the best way for us to help you. Memories fade and time gives employers a chance to paper over an incident. Our lawyers know the law and know what to look for in order to best represent you. If necessary, we will take your case to court to bring you a successful resolution.

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