Gender Discrimination

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Employers are Prohibited from Discriminating on the Basis of Sex or Gender

Federal, State, and New York City Laws prohibit employers from discriminating at the workplace on the basis on sex or gender.  Gender discrimination takes place any time an employer makes a decision that depends on whether the employee is a man or woman.   Gender inequality can occur in many different situation, including matters involving hiring, pay, promotions, layoffs, job training, benefits, and other conditions.  An employer must make employment decisions based on merit, and not on stereotypes associated with a particular sex.

Some examples of sex or gender discrimination can include:

  • Failure to hire someone or promote based on gender
  • Providing benefits to male employees but not to employees who are women
  • Paying a male employee more than a female coworker in a similar position
  • Refusing to hire or promote because of an employee’s family responsibilities
  • Saying things such as “She is too emotional.”
  • Failure to hire or promote a woman because she is pregnant or intends to become pregnant

Lawyers Representing Men and Women in New York

Women are particularly vulnerable to deeply ingrained gender stereotypes that affect employment status. A woman may be unable to get hired, be unfairly terminated from her position or face limited upward mobility due to her gender. But women are not the only ones to suffer from gender or sex discrimination. As women make greater strides in the workplace, more men are suffering from the same bias women have endured for years. To not hire or promote someone based on their gender, or to pay a person differently based on being male or female, is illegal. Both genders have the right to fight gender discrimination.

If you feel you have been treated differently or denied your rights based on your gender, come in and tell us your story. We can help you determine the depth of your case based on our thorough understanding of the law. You do not have to tolerate discrimination, and together we can devise a plan to move forward.

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