Client Reviews

People you can trust to represent you. Very professional and communicate effectively. It was a stressless process with them on my side. THANK YOU.


Vince helped me with a situation. He was always available to answer my questions and gave me great advice. I’m grateful for the outcome and couldn’t have gotten there without him.


These guys are fighters. Hands down!!!! Best decision I have ever made. Would go trough it again just as long as I know these guys have my back. Way beyond my expectations.


Incredible professionalism and communication from this firm. Glad I made the call to Mr. White on a case and was able to work with knowledgable attorneys (Samantha Hudler and Mr. Hilferty). I would recommend this firm to anyone who is need of reliable lawyers to represent a critical case.


I spoke with Mr. White about a potential case several times. He was very helpful and pleased to help me in a timely manner!


Vincent and his team got the job done and were extremely helpful from day one. Top notch firm.


An attorney reffered White, Hilferty & Albanese to handle my disability discrimination case. As a disabled veteran, I felt my rights were violated when my employer discharged me while I was recovering from a surgery. They took my case when other attorneys wouldn’t.
They understood my position, fought hard and I received the justice I deserve.
Their fees were fair. I highly recommend this law firm.


Mr. white is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. This firm is just amazing. The help the people the empathy just the want to really help makes all the difference. I wish this firm handled other matters of law it would be truly an amazing thing. Absolutely the best firm in N.Y. City.


The staff was very helpful and professional in navigating and communicating with me.


Highly recommended, especially Nina A. Ovrutsky, a Senior Associate Attorney at the firm. Nina was professional, competent, and responsive throughout the entire process. She took the time to explain things, she empathized and advocated for me, and she helped me navigate and make the right decisions during an otherwise difficult experience.


It was apparent from my first meeting with attorneys from the firm that they took my concerns seriously. I had consulted with a few other firms before retaining White, Hilferty, and Albanese, and the contrast could not have been more glaring. When I met with White, I was greeted not only by attorneys but by one of the firm’s partners as well. The fact that a partner participated in my consult, when my suit was not one likely to garner vast sums of money for the firm, impressed me greatly. From that point forward, from the consult to the point when I chose to retain the firm, to filing and ultimately settling my complaint, and even after my suit was settled, the frequency of communications and updates was very much appreciated. Further, the professionalism and respect with which I was treated was second to none. You will be treated as a human being, you will be treated with dignity, and you will receive all the information and support you may need as you are confronted with choices during the process. I would gladly recommend this firm to anyone needing representation in their areas of practice, and they would be my only choice if I should find myself in need of an attorney in the future.