Race and National Origin Discrimination

Your Employment Status Should Not Rest on the Color of Your Skin or the Nation from Where You Originated

Unfortunately, it is all too common for people to be exposed to numerous types of workplace discrimination based on their race or nation of origin. This bias manifests itself in numerous ways, such as the denial of employment, unfair judgment and meritless disciplinary measures.
Employer discrimination may begin to present itself as early as in a job interview, such as if the interviewer directly asks the candidate about their race. Although this particular action is against the law, it is legal for job applications to inquire about a person’s race for the purposes of Affirmative Action. Other illegal actions include not hiring or offering promotions to someone based on their skin color. However, any accusation made against an employer that their decisions were based on racist beliefs will be met with a denial that this was the case. Unfortunately, it may be very difficult to determine whether this is true or not.

It is our job to listen to your story and assist in determining whether you have been unfairly discriminated against as a result of your skin color. We will pick out important elements from your story that will help build a strong case in your favor.

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New York Lawyers Combating Nationality-Related Discrimination in the Workplace

National origin discrimination is another form of bias that may be brought into the workplace. Some possess the false belief that if two people have a similar skin color, then there is no possibility of bias existing between them. However, national origin discrimination is an all-too-common occurrence, such as a man from India harassing a man from Pakistan or vice versus.

Just as with discrimination based on skin tone, it is illegal to treat someone poorly in the workplace because they were born in a different country. If you suspect that are encountering unfair treatment because of your nation of origin, then you may be encountering a very legitimate form of discrimination and can fight against it.

We will assist you in filing a case with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for racial or national origin discrimination. Our legal expertise will guide you through each step of the process through to the end, whether that ends up being a settlement or going to court.

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