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Protecting Your Rights in the Workplace

What is Retaliation in the Workplace?

New York State has increased the protections for victims of sexual harassment to report sexual harassment without experiencing retaliation.  Employment Attorney Vincent White discusses what may or may not be retaliation.  

Workplace Retaliation

Talk to an experienced New York Employment Attorney to learn what you rights are for being subjected to sexual harassment.  Talk to an experienced New York City Sexual Harassment attorney who can help protect your rights against potential employer retaliation.

After explaining your situation, our employment lawyers will be able to advise you on how to pursue your case if they think it is a case of sexual harassment.  Learn More About Sexual Harassment at the Workplace here.

Contact a New York Sexual Harassment Attorney

Speak with a New York Sexual Harassment Attorney for a free, confidential consultation.  If you are suffering from sexual harassment at the workplace, the NYC Sexual Harassment Attorneys at White, Hilferty & Albanese can help.  Contact us to schedule your consultation or Call 24/7  646-698-8990