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Protecting Your Rights in the Workplace

Unpaid Overtime

Protect Your Right to Receive Earned Wages

There are countless hard-working employees in New York who are denied access to the overtime pay that they are legally entitled to. Employers may try a number of tactics to prevent you from receiving overtime payment. They may misclassify you as a contractor or simply tell you that you aren’t entitled to overtime pay when this isn’t the case.

If you suspect that overtime pay is being withheld from you, contact our offices immediately so we can help you navigate the complex laws regarding overtime pay and get you the wages that you deserve.

In order to assist with building a strong case, it is important that you assemble all relevant documentation prior to meeting with our attorneys. Plan on bringing to your appointment:

  • timesheets
  • pay stubs
  • calendars
  • itineraries
  • any other paperwork that documents the amount of hours you worked and the pay you received

This documentation is crucial in helping determine the strength of your case, although it is still possible to retroactively receive overtime pay without it. Because we believe so strongly in getting you your rightful compensation, we guarantee that there is no fee for our efforts unless we win your case.

If you have been unfairly denied overtime pay, contact us to learn more about what our unpaid wages attorneys can do for you. Call us for a free initial consultation.