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Protecting Your Rights in the Workplace

Under the Table Compensation

Defend Your Right to a Secure Future

You may be one of many employees in the state of New York who is compensated by their employer in cash. This “under the table” payment process is all too common, and yet it is the source of seriously problematic consequences in the future. Although it might seem like an attractively simple system, our attorneys want you to be educated regarding the disadvantages of allowing your employer to pay you “off the books”:

  • You will not have access to Social Security or Medicare upon retirement
  • You cannot claim Social Security Disability benefits if you develop a disability that renders you unable to work
  • If you sustain an injury on the job, you will not be eligible for workers’ compensation
  • You may not qualify for unemployment benefits if you lose your job

In short, you will find yourself highly unprotected with little to no access to benefits that are integral to a safe and secure future.

If you are ready to legitimize your employment and compensation process, call us and we will look for ways to help. Although you may be intimidated at the prospect of pursuing action against your employer, please note that it is illegal to have any sort of retaliatory action taken against you for doing so. We know the law regarding unreported employment and will use it to protect your rights; this may include requiring your employer to pay your portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes, making you eligible for future benefits.

We will do whatever it takes to defend your rights and get you what you have worked so hard to acquire. Contact us today for a free initial appointment.