Mediations and Arbitration

Attorneys Certified in Employment Mediation

When it becomes clear that a serious workplace dispute is in need of legal assistance, your first thought may be to pursue litigation. However, what you might not be aware of is the fact that litigation can be a very difficult and financially draining process. When considering your options, know that mediation and arbitration may bring you the results you want and have many attractive benefits that litigation does not, such as:

  • Faster resolutions: The speed at which a mediation case is resolved does not have to depend on, for example, how quickly a court date can be scheduled. Mediation is a less time-consuming process, leading you to a faster settlement.
  • Confidentiality: Litigation is public. Potential employers may learn information stemming from disputes with previous employers, which may negatively impact their decision to hire you. Mediation offers confidentiality and allows you to move forward without the fear of having tarnished future job prospects.
  • Reduced risk. With litigation, you run the risk of potentially walking away with nothing. Mediation allows both parties to work out an agreement that will be favorable to both sides.

Mediation and arbitration are perfectly appropriate to settle the most common of workplace issues, such as discrimination and wage and hour disputes. If you find that you are in need of mediation services, call us and we can provide expertise in settling your issue in a discreet and solution-focused manner.

Arbitration Services

Our attorneys are equally adept at providing arbitration services. We have extensive experience handling arbitration clauses found in employment contracts, and will pursue results that will be beneficial to you.

If you are interested in pursuing mediation or arbitration to help settle your workplace dispute, contact us today.