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The latest IBM layoffs have hit older employees in an effort to shift towards a “more hip” workforce. ┬áHave You Been Laid Off From IBM as part of the 2017 Resource Action? There is no need to give in to Age Discrimination after years of dedicated service. We can help recover the full amount of compensation you deserve, including retirement and pension benefits.

IBM is claiming that the recent workforce reduction is for the benefit of the bottom line, and eliminating lower performing resources will effect this cost-cutting measure. However, the reality is that by targeting lower “performing” senior employees, and allowing the lower paid younger employees to survive – IBM is engaging in a subtle form of unlawful age discrimination.

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Much like previous IBM resource actions, the layoffs are not about job skills but rather an effort by IBM to get rid of older workers.

IBM senior employees let go have rights and are entitled to the full amount of severance. If you are having a difficult time making sense of the latest IBM resource action, or need help protecting your severance as a result of the layoff, call the Law Offices of Vincent P. White.

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