Sexual Harassment

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When Does “Teasing” Cross the Line?

This is a common question when it comes to sexual harassment. In the workplace, we want to be at ease with members of the opposite sex and comfortable around our colleagues. But comments and behaviors that are “normal” to one person, may bring considerable discomfort to the next.

Sexual harassment creates a hostile work environment. Behaviors can include:

  • Repeated requests for dates or sexual favors
  • Lewd comments
  • Posts or sharing of pornographic pictures when one person is made uncomfortable
  • Requests or pressure for sexual favors from a supervisor in return for promotion or continued employment

When confined to a single incident, most people can see past it. But when behaviors continue, a serious issue develops, resulting in a hostile work environment, particularly in a supervisor-subordinate relationship because the superior has influence over your career as well as your everyday work life.

Whether from colleagues or supervisor, sexual harassment can be dealt with. At the Law Offices of Vincent P. White, our New York employment attorney specializes in employment law. This includes the federal and state laws regarding sexual harassment.

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