Hostile Work Environment

Hostile Work Environment Attorneys Handling Claims in New York

You deserve to work in an environment free from harassment. If your employer refuses to address a hostile work environment, the law guarantees you the right to take action. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Vincent P. White know employment law and will fight for your rights as an employee.

Harassment at Work New York Attorneys

According to the law, a hostile work environment is defined as harassment that relates to some form of discrimination. Some examples of contributing factors include:

  • Racial or ethnic slurs
  • Sexually explicit or demeaning comments
  • Homophobic or transphobic comments
  • Hateful comments about members of a certain religious group
  • Mocking jokes or comments about people with disabilities
  • Jokes about a person’s age
  • Offensive jokes, emails or posters containing any of the above

It is very important for any employee who feels they are working in a hostile environment to document the activity. The next step it to submit a formal complaint in writing and retain any responses. If you are concerned that your employer might retaliate when you take action, our attorneys can represent you.

In addition to economic and punitive damages, a hostile work environment takes a toll on an employee’s health. The person may experience anxiety, depression or decreased self-esteem. Our lawyers are prepared to pursue emotional damages.

When you take action for harassment, know that you do not have to do it alone. The Law Offices of Vincent P. White are versed in employment law and dealing with hostile work environment cases. Contact our office by phone or email to schedule an initial consultation.